Web Presence Evaluation

Evaluation Overview

Our Web Presence Evaluation is a clear, applicable, and detailed custom report on your company’s website and its findability. Split into three analysis sections (your website, your company on other websites, and your company on search engines), our evaluations are full of straightforward information to both better your understanding of your current position and provide you with actionable steps for improvement regardless of whether you continue into one of our programs.

Site Evaluation

Your website is your virtual representative, and just like a real life rep, it needs to behave properly, be able to communicate effectively, and reflect your company and services accurately.  Even if you have the prettiest site in the world, it won’t do you a lot of good if people can’t find it because it’s not configured properly.

“Meta” Information – The most important content of your website is not actually seen on the page. Each page has special information that tells Google and other search engines about the true content and purpose of your site. Often this information is missing or improperly configured, resulting in poor ranking, low traffic, and low quality visitors.

Page Content – Is your website content worth reading? Many websites are written in a way only a professional in the industry can understand. Other websites are too focused on promotional text that turns away potential customers. A good website provides content that is worth reading while subtly including keywords and promotional text that will increase quality traffic and sales.

Web Conventions – Designers are a wacky bunch (sorry guys). Uniqueness is a great quality in a website, but if it interferes with usability and the way search engines understand your site, it can be a major problem. Our fresh perspective on your site’s structure, programming, and content can provide valuable feedback about how easy your website is to use, and bring issues to your attention.

Missing Content– We recommend additions to your website that could greatly improve its performance. A website that grows consistently will consistently attract new visitors and better search results.

Presence Evaluation

Unlike a physical store, you can’t just open a website on Main Street where people can’t help but notice you. You need to actively develop your virtual presence to make your site accessible and credible.

Local Listings – Often, the first impression a customer gets of your business is your company profile on an online directory. Taking control of your company listing on Google, Bing, and Yahoo is extremely important, not to mention the hundreds of other search sites for local businesses that can be optimized to attract new customers.

Social Media – You may already be on Facebook, but the important question is “Do you USE Facebook?” We take a look at how you are using social media, if at all, and make recommendations on new techniques that will attract more attention and new customers. There may be someone in your office on Facebook right now, and a single click can help get the word out about your company.

Search Engines – How many of your pages are appearing in Google, Bing, and Yahoo? Sometimes issues prevent your pages from being indexed and sometimes some search engines will find pages that others don’t. This will make you aware of any issues search engines have indexing your site.

Links to Your Website –When search engines decide who to place first they look at how many and what kind of websites have linked to yours. The idea is that websites with good content will be linked more often than others with less interesting content. We examine who is linking to you and provide you with ideas for quality link opportunities.

Premium Features

Our premium evaluation extends our evaluation to include a keyword research report and a search engine rankings report, giving you more useful information you can apply to your business today.

Keyword Research Report – How businesses refer to their services is not often how consumers refer to them.  For example a page called “Residential Generators” will likely not perform as well as a page called “Home Generators” because there are far more people searching for the latter.  We generate a list of keywords that your potential customers are searching for and research which words are searched more often.

Rankings Reports – We take a list of keywords that you are interested in ranking for and run a report to find out where you stand.  We select these keywords based on your keyword research report and our clients are free to add to this list.  We will provide this report for up to 50 keywords

The cost of the Web Presence Evaluation can be credited toward our premium SEO program or a new website!