About Us

About Us

Our mission is to develop and deliver the most effective online marketing strategies for small businesses.

When a business is looking for a new website they can use a template service for a few hundred dollars, and may also receive quotes well over $10,000 for custom design and development. Digital marketing & search engine optimization can mean anything from changing a few words on a page to spending hundreds of hours researching, writing, and link building for a website. Boom Visibility was founded to fill the gap between web companies running million-dollar campaigns and ineffective cookie-cutter programs offered by companies like Yellow Pages and ReachLocal. Built from the ground up with small businesses in mind, our first priority is to be effective, and our second is to be affordable. To this end, we have created a variety of programs to meet different needs and different budgets, all of which will produce measurable and meaningful results.

Who We Work With

Our unique blend of digital marketing and web development services work best with certain types of businesses. We excel when working with customers who have specialized businesses that offer products and services locally or nationally.

How to Know if You’re a Good Fit

  • Do people search for your product or service, or do they already know where to get it?  Our strength is in search engine marketing, so if people don’t need to search, it may not be a good fit.
  • Is a new lead worth more than $100? A lead for a local flower shop may only generate a single sale of $50, where a lead for a business-to-business product manufacturer may be worth thousands.  Our strength is in finding high value leads for large projects.
  • Do you get most of your business from a 5-mile radius? While we work with dentists and auto repair shops, the best results come from a specialized offering that can draw customers from over 20 miles.

Current Clients


Charlie |

Digital Marketing Consultant, Founder

Charlie is our resident expert. Beginning his career as a web developer, Charlie’s interests turned to search engines when he realized a site was only as good as the results it produces, and without traffic, there are no results. Through working with both local and national businesses to increase their traffic and leads, Charlie established the framework for a proven and effective web marketing system. By forming partnerships and founding Boom Visibility, Charlie has been able to refine his system and allow for a larger audience to take advantage of it.

Charlie lives in Media with his wife Natalie. When he is not behind his computer, his free time is spent playing golf and basketball. If you see him at a Phillies game or down the shore, say “hi.” Being passionate about his field he’s always happy to chat on the latest developments and new ideas in online marketing.


Brittany |

Project Manager & Copywriter

Brittany first joined the Boom team as a copywriter. Her writing dreams began when she wrote her first mini-series in 2nd grade about her Beanie Babies. Brittany is a graduate of the University of Delaware, where she majored in English and minored in advertising and sociology. Her interests in marketing and social media along with her passion for writing make her a perfect addition to the team.

Brittany currently lives in Philadelphia. You might find her playing volleyball, planning a weekend road trip with friends, getting first place (in the loser’s bracket) of her fantasy football league, or running a 5k with her four siblings. She’s always busy with various types of freelance editing, which usually just means she’s teaching her mom how to properly respond to Facebook posts.


Scott |

Web Developer

Scott began his career in television, where he spent fifteen years in the director’s chair for stations in Chattanooga, Tennessee and Allentown, Pennsylvania. He transitioned into working on the web and began learning the WordPress and Joomla content management systems. He’s been working as a developer for the last five years.

Scott currently lives in Allentown with his wife, Laura. You’ll often see him around town with a camera (or three).


Mary |

Account Manager & Copywriter

Before joining the Boom team, Mary worked as an assistant editor and graphic designer for a local magazine. She is a graduate of West Chester University where she received a bachelors degree in English, but not before also studying psychology, photography, and creative writing because she “couldn’t pick just one.” Her background in writing and design and passion for learning new skills makes her a great addition to our team.

Mary has been a Delco resident for half of her life and currently lives in Drexel Hill. In her free time she can be found doing yoga, going for walks in nature, exploring new places with friends, and cuddling up with her cat and a good book.

Sasha Rife

Sasha Rife |

Digital Content Creator

Sasha joined the Boom team in the Fall of 2021. An experienced copywriter and digital marketer, she is excited to put her creativity, passions, and skills to work at Boom. Sasha graduated from Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana (yep, it’s a real place!) with a MA in History.

Sasha is our farthest away team member- living in Billings, Montana with her husband and four kids (one new addition added in May 2021). She is an avid hiker, backpacker, camper, and all-around outdoor enthusiast, but she also loves to sit on her couch and read during her free time (of which she has none).

Marc Fernandez

Marc Fernandez |

SEO Specialist

Marc is a self-taught SEO pro who also has a background in web design. Before joining Boom, he managed his own SEO company and worked with many niches, ranging from personal injury lawyers to a unique eCommerce store that sold bat boxes (yep, you heard that right)! Marc loves SEO because of its complexity and it helps that he enjoys approaching it with an analytical eye.

Marc was born in the Philippines (where he lived until he was 4), but he’s spent most of his life in Jersey City, NJ. Now he lives in Voorhees, NJ with his fiancée and adopted Pittie, Maya, who is also his “barklink” acquisitions expert. Marc and his fiancée love to travel and have most recently been to Montreal, Barcelona, Sitges, Paris, Palawan, Manila, and Lisbon, which happens to be their favorite place and future wedding venue.


Kevin |

Digital Marketing Specialist

Joining at the start of 2023 Kevin is the newest member of the Boom team! He graduated from Oregon State University in 2020 with a degree in Marketing and a focus in digital communications. He then gained experience in PPC and account management in Portland, Oregon before moving to San Diego in late 2022.

In his free time, Kevin enjoys exploring San Diego with his camera, soaking up the sun at local beaches, and planning future vacations. Some of his favorite cities he’s visited include Paris, Stockholm, and New York. Currently, Sydney, Tokyo, Cape Town, and Barcelona are at the top of his soon-to-visit list.

Completely Custom Digital Marketing Plans with a Simple Approach

Your Money Buys Our Time

How do you keep up with the fast paced digital marketing world? You never stop working. We meet with our clients every month or every quarter to monitor progress and grow.

A monthly budget guarantees hours will be spent working on your website by one of our trained specialists. Boom Visibility offers a combination of search engine marketing, content creation, social media management, website updates, and everything else it takes to run a website that will bring you business.

At the beginning of every month, tasks are assigned to members of our team that will help grow your website traffic, increase conversions, and improve your website’s visibility. As a client, you can let us know if there is a specific focus you want to have for a month, whether it be promoting an upcoming special or adding a new photo gallery to your website.

Clear and Transparent Reporting

Each month clients receive an email summary with a list of tasks completed, along with customized reports of website statistics and conversions.  A list of future plans is provided and many clients schedule a monthly phone call to review the campaign or respond to the email with some additional ideas for the month. We like to have transparency with our clients, which is why we tailor reports for each one and determine what type of reporting is most helpful.

What to Expect

Project Manager and SEO Specialist

I found a keyword that I think will bring you new customers and created a page on your website to better target it. I worked with the content writer to make this page engaging, and I started tracking this new keyword so that we can report on the rankings in the future.

Content Writer and Social Media Specialist

I took the pictures you sent over and wrote a blog post about them. I posted this to Facebook, and made three other Facebook posts throughout the month. I also highlighted the project photos on some of your other social media profiles.

Pay Per Click Ad Manager

I reviewed your pay per click advertising campaigns and rewrote some text for low performing ads. I also created a new campaign to target the new keyword that the SEO specialist discovered and pointed the ads at the new page.

Marketing Associate

I spent three hours listing your business in niche directories and removing your old business address from listings that have not been updated. Now, customers should only find your latest business info online.

I’ve worked with Charlie and his team for more than 4 years now, and confidently say – if you are considering working with Boom Visibility – do not hesitate. Your company will be richly rewarded. As VP of Sales & Marketing for a complex solution firm in a niche industry, that had little to no brand recognition or presence, we are proudly on the first page for many of our keywords. Boom knows SEO! We worked together identifying keywords & phrases and other strategies to enhance our much-improved web presence. Boom Visibility has also provided support with our website on many occasions, and they have become a very important part of our team.

Lorri K. of Strategic Audit Solutions

I have worked with countless agencies in my time as a marketing professional, and Boom Visibility is by far my favorite. It’s hard to find people that really know what they are doing in the digital space (though many will try to sell you on the idea that they do), but Boom is the real thing. Plus, they charge very reasonable prices compared with other agencies I have looked at. Beyond the work skills, they are kind, wonderful people and so much fun to work with! I would confidently recommend them to anyone and everyone looking for excellence in online marketing.

Abigail Z. of Peak Dental Services in Colorado Springs, CO

We are extremely pleased with Boom Visibility and have been working with them for many years. I highly recommend them. The staff is competent, thorough and responsive. This means they do what they say they are going to do and it is done expertly within the timeframe discussed. Boom Visibility has created and updated our website plus they monitor it with continued SEO support which is invaluable…

Sally F. of Naturescapes in Paoli, PA

My cleaning company has been working with Boom Visibility for a year now and the decision to work with them has been the best business decision I have made. The communication is amazing and the price is reasonable. My cleaning business has had life changing growth in just one short year. I am extremely grateful for the work that they put into helping our business. I highly recommend Boom Visibility!

Bill F. of A&P Cleaning Services

I get practical and meaningful reports and they spend the time to strategize on how to improve our results every month. They are reasonably priced and super responsive. I have already recommended them to a handful of my most important clients who have had a similar great experience.

Tom S. of Spadea Lignana in Philadelphia, PA

Our company has been working with Boom for a few months. After they set us up and redesigned our web page, we have been getting at least one new lead every day. That’s what I call results!!!

Don P. of Fitness Machine Technicians in Malvern, PA

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