Our mission is to develop and deliver the most effective online marketing strategies for small businesses.

When a business is looking for a new website they can use a template service for a few hundred dollars, and may also receive quotes well over $10,000 for custom design and development. Digital marketing & search engine optimization can mean anything from changing a few words on a page to spending hundreds of hours researching, writing, and link building for a website. Boom Visibility was founded to fill the gap between web companies running million dollar campaigns and ineffective cookie cutter programs offered by companies like Yellow Pages and Reach Local. Built from the ground up with small businesses in mind, our first priority is to be effective, and our second is to be affordable. To this end we have created a variety of programs to meet different needs and different budgets, all of which will produce measurable and meaningful results. Learn more about our approach.


Charlie |

Digital Marketing Consultant, Founder

Charlie is our resident expert. Beginning his career as a web developer, Charlie’s interests turned to search engines when he realized a site was only as good as the results it produces, and without traffic, there are no results. Through working with both local and national businesses to increase their traffic and leads, Charlie established the framework for a proven and effective web marketing system. By forming partnerships and founding Boom Visibility, Charlie has been able to refine his system and allow for a larger audience to take advantage of it.

Charlie lives in Media with his wife Natalie. When he is not behind his computer, his free time is spent playing golf and basketball. If you see him at a Phillies game or down the shore, say “hi.” Being passionate about his field he’s always happy to chat on the latest developments and new ideas in online marketing.


Brittany |

Project Manager & Copywriter

Brittany first joined the Boom team as a copywriter. Her writing dreams began when she wrote her first mini-series in 2nd grade about her Beanie Babies. Brittany is a graduate of the University of Delaware, where she majored in English and minored in advertising and sociology. Her interests in marketing and social media along with her passion for writing make her a perfect addition to the team.

Brittany currently lives in Wilmington, Delaware. You might find her playing volleyball, planning a weekend road trip with friends, getting first place (in the loser’s bracket) of her fantasy football league, or running a 5k with her four siblings. She’s always busy with various types of freelance editing, which usually just means she’s teaching her mom how to properly respond to Facebook posts.


Scott |

Web Developer

Scott began his career in television, where he spent fifteen years in the director’s chair for stations in Chattanooga, Tennessee and Allentown, Pennsylvania. He transitioned into working on the web and began learning the WordPress and Joomla content management systems. He’s been working as a developer for the last five years.

Scott currently lives in Allentown with his wife, Laura. You’ll often see him around town with a camera (or three).

Hannah |

Copywriter & Social Media Manager

Prior to joining the Boom team as a copywriter, Hannah lived a past life as a freelance newspaper reporter and English preschool teacher in South Korea. Her background in journalism, passion for writing, and interest in blogging and social media make her a great fit to the team. She holds bachelor’s degrees in English and communication/journalism from Shippensburg University.

Hannah currently lives in Lansdowne where she enjoys cooking, running, and yoga. An avid hiker and traveler, she is always planning her next outdoor adventure. She played on her college tennis team and has been known to pick up a racket once in a while. If you happen to run into her, she’d love to hear your recommendation for a good book.

Founded in Delaware County, PA

Although we work with businesses all over the country, we always enjoy getting to meet local clients face-to-face. We’ve definitely found a niche working in our own community from our office in Media. Many of our clients can be found as close as Broomall and out to Wayne or West Chester. With us, clients get to know the faces behind the emails or phone calls. Meeting with our clients gives us a better understanding of their needs and goals, which always makes for a great final project.