Completely Custom Digital Marketing Plans with a Simple Approach

Your Money Buys Our Time

How do you keep up with the fast paced digital marketing world? You never stop working. We meet with our clients every month or every quarter to monitor progress and grow.

A monthly budget guarantees hours will be spent working on your website by one of our trained specialists. Boom Visibility offers a combination of search engine marketing, content creation, social media management, website updates, and everything else it takes to run a website that will bring you business.

At the beginning of every month, tasks are assigned to members of our team that will help grow your website traffic, increase conversions, and improve your website’s visibility. As a client, you can let us know if there is a specific focus you want to have for a month, whether it be promoting an upcoming special or adding a new photo gallery to your website.

Clear and Transparent Reporting

Each month clients receive an email summary with a list of tasks completed, along with a customized reports of website statistics and conversions.  A list of future plans is provided and many clients schedule a monthly phone call to review the campaign or respond to the email with some additional ideas for the month. We like to have transparency with our clients, which is why we tailor reports for each one and determine what type of reporting is most helpful.

For more information on our custom approach, check out our testimonials and about pages.

What to Expect

Project Manager and SEO Specialist

I found a keyword that I think will bring you new customers and created a page on your website to better target it. I worked with the content writer to make this page engaging, and I started tracking this new keyword so that we can report on the rankings in the future.

Content Writer and Social Media Specialist

I took the pictures you sent over and wrote a blog post about them. I posted this to Facebook, and made three other Facebook posts throughout the month. I also highlighted the project photos on some of your other social media profiles.

Pay Per Click Ad Manager

I reviewed your pay per click advertising campaigns and rewrote some text for low performing ads. I also created a new campaign to target the new keyword that the SEO specialist discovered and pointed the ads at the new page.

Marketing Associate

I spent three hours listing your business in niche directories and removing your old business address from listings that have not been updated. Now, customers should only find your latest business info online.