Business Catalyst LogoSo recently Ive been working with a few clients who use a content management system (CMS) called Business Catalyst. If you are a web designer or developer, I recommend looking into it. It is a very powerful e-commerce CMS that is also a CRM. Think about reports where you can see that the same person who signed up for your newsletter also returned to buy something 3 months later.  You can run a report on your customer database for users who spent more than $X. Its not as cheap as wordpress (which is free) but I think its well worth the cost. As they say in their promotional video, Business Catalyst is more than a website, its an online business.
Anyway, the purpose of this post is to advertise my SEO services to any Business Catalyst users interested in SEO. I have worked with business catalyst website owners to optimize their sites, and I have also worked with them on a consulting basis where I teach them how to optimize their own sites. Business catalyst, as it is now, does not make it very easy to optimize the website, but I have familiarized myself with the CMS so that I can teach others how to use it for effective SEO.
I have to give a big thanks to my friend Devon Reehl who is an expert Business Catalyst Web Designer.  He introduced me to the software, and has helped me make some contacts in the Business Catalyst Community.

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