How Does CallRail Work?

CallRail is a form of call tracking analytics that provides data for your team of marketers to measure leads that come through the phone. By simply integrating tracking numbers onto your website, we are able to gather critical information about individuals who are dialing your number.

How CallRail Works on Your Website:

  1. Our team purchases a pool of tracking numbers with your local area code. We implement a special code into your website which will activate these numbers and allow them to appear on your website.
  2. Let’s say a prospective customer lands on one of your website pages. Their site visit triggers one of these tracking numbers to appear. As the customer browses your site, this number follows them throughout the website.
  3. If this visitor clicks to dial one of your tracking numbers, CallRail forwards the call directly to your main business line.
  4. CallRail provides real-time reporting that details the callers first interaction with your website prior to their call. Reporting allows us to understand how this customer found you, what originally brought them to your site, where they are located and duration of the call they placed to you.

Gathering this information allows us to understand ongoing trends, identify what marketing channels work for your business and in turn, drive up your ROI.

CallRail Pricing Plans

Boom’s CallRail Pricing

As a CallRail account holder, we offer discounted CallRail packages. We find that our clients needs can be met with one of the following plans:

Price Numbers Minutes
$30/month 4 local numbers up to 250 minutes
$45/month 4 local numbers up to 500 minutes
$50/month 4 toll free numbers up to 250 toll free minutes

CallRail’s Pricing

If you decide to sign up for one of CallRail’s packages directly, you will be charged a higher monthly fee and offered a couple additional add-on services:

Price Numbers Minutes
$45/month 10 local numbers up to 500 minutes
$95/month 10 local numbers up to 500 minutes + call transcription for up to 10,000 minutes
$95/month 10 local numbers up to 500 minutes + tracking for up to 1,000 form submissions

Not sure if your business would benefit from CallRail’s additional options? Contact us, and we can let you know if these features make sense for you.

Why Should You Invest in Call Tracking?

Take a look at the Google Ads data for a client who tracks leads through their online website form and through CallRail:

Google Ads Call Tracking Data

This client received a total of 9 conversions for assembly/disassembly services: 3 conversions were form submissions and 6 conversions came by phone. Each conversion came in at $17.60.

Without call tracking, this data would look a lot different. Instead of a cost per conversion of $17.60, the cost per conversion would be $52.80. This difference in cost changes how we measure performance and make budget decisions.

It’s important to leverage as many lead tracking capabilities as possible so your team can assess the most profitable channels of revenue for your business. At Boom Visibility, your digital marketing team will put together a strategy to market your business through curated campaigns that will measure specific goals.

The more data we collect, the more we can understand your audiences behavior, allowing us to boost your online engagement and conversion rate. Although Google Analytics, CRM’s and Google Ads are all worthy tracking tools, tracking calls is just as important as tracking ads traffic and social engagement.

If your business values leads by phone as much as leads through Google Ads, then it is necessary to implement CallRail.

Frequently Asked Questions About CallRail

How many phone numbers do I need?

You can purchase as many phone numbers as you like, however we recommend starting with 4 numbers.

Do you offer toll-free numbers?

Yes, we offer 888, 877 and 866 number pools.

Do you offer vanity numbers?

Not at this time.

If I sign up with Boom’s CallRail program but leave, how can I get these numbers?

Our CallRail account is separated by client. If you decided to leave, your account and phone numbers remain in your name.

Can I access my CallRail account?

We can assign you as a client user to your account, which allows you access to your call data.

Can I pause my CallRail account on a seasonal basis?

Unlike Google Ads, CallRail cannot be turned on and off on a regular basis. If you would like to turn off CallRail, we will need to cancel your account and your numbers will be released. If you decide to reactive your account, you will receive a different set of phone numbers.

Can I sign up for CallRail directly?

Yes, you are welcome to sign up directly. Once you have created your account, share your login with us and we will manage this on your behalf.