WordPress Backup Plugin Updating Service

Boom Visibility offers a backup and plugin updating service to our web development customers.

A backup of the website is created once every 45 days or less. There is no additional cost for restoring up to 3 website backups during the year.  Most hosting providers create daily and weekly backups in case of emergency.  There may be costs for restoring backups from the hosting company if the Boom Visibility monthly backup is insufficient.

Updates for common WordPress plugins and the core of WordPress are updated within 90 days of their release.  In other cases plugins are not compatible with a new WP version and we wait until the plugins can catch up.  Certain plugins that we deem to be low risk may be ignored from updates if they required modification during web development.  In most cases plugins and WP are updated every 90 days.  Theme updates can also be covered in the program when appropriate.

Issues covered in the updating plan:

  • Stylesheet changes. If a new update breaks a style on the website we will fix it.
  • Function changes. If a new update causes a function to break we will fix it, if the fix is possible without editing core WordPress files or core plugin files.

Issues not covered in the updating plan:

  • Plugin no longer compatible with latest version of WP.  If we have to replace a plugin we will roll back to the previous version and provide the client with an estimate.
  • Website gets hacked. Keeping WordPress software up to date greatly decreases the risk of getting hacked, but if there is a hack that cannot be fixed by restoring a backup an estimate will be provided to restore the website back to normal.

Pricing varies by website.  To request a quote contact us.