As much as designers hate it, we often use templates for low cost websites.  Getting a jump start on both the design and the development is a great way to cut costs, as well as the time needed to produce the website. Here are some advantages of starting from a template.

  • Design Choices – We can sit with our clients and show them a variety of options.
  • Lower Cost – You are getting a big head start on the design and setup of your website
  • Shorter Project Length
  • More budget for search marketing to get customers to your website

Here are some customers we helped with template based designs in 2011.  All of these sites are built with a WordPress Content Management system and cost less than $1500 in total project costs.

If you want to take a look at some of the templates available try the Themes Directory or Themeforest.  You can always try searching Google where you can find articles like Most Popular Free WordPress Themes.
After you find that theme you think is a good fit for your new website, give us a call and we will help with customizing it for your business.

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