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The Importance of SEO for Multiple Location Businesses

Multi-location SEO for franchises and brands requires a strategic plan. Without a specialized team of SEO experts and digital marketers, you’re probably missing out on opportunities to attract the right customers to your website.

When you invest in local SEO for multiple locations, you can expect to see your website gradually move to the top of the search engine results page, eventually improving site traffic, lead quality and lead volume.

Local Landing Pages for Businesses with Multiple Locations

Local landing pages, especially for businesses that have multiple office locations, are beneficial to capturing more organic traffic from users searching for services within a given area. Every town is unique in its own way – from the demographics to the most popular services. By creating a dedicated landing page for your office locations, you can highlight the unique services and benefits that each location provides. Plus, having tailored landing pages ensures that potential customers closest to you are seeing the most relevant office location.

At Boom Visibility, we can help set up and maintain your location pages. For larger companies, we can designate a template, which will make it easier to create these pages for businesses with anywhere from 2 to 100+ locations.

Maintaining Google Business Profiles for Multi-Location Businesses

Your website isn’t the only place you need to maintain your presence. Having a complete and well-maintained Google Business Profile is essential for local businesses. Not only is this an important piece of SEO, but it is also where potential customers are going to go to make their first impression of your business.

When you have multiple locations, keeping your hours, photos, services and descriptions up-to-date can be a big headache. On top of that, you’ll want to be monitoring and responding to customer reviews. When you work with our team, we will manage all of your locations and develop a review strategy that works best for your business.

Improve Your Visibility with a Reliable Multi-Location Marketing Program

Our unique blend of SEO, paid ad management, and web development services provide larger companies and national brands the opportunity to successfully grow their digital presence while tapping into the local markets they serve.

When it comes to optimizing your digital footprint, there isn’t a one-size fits all approach. At Boom Visibility, we provide a clear, customized roadmap that will help companies with multiple locations succeed in their local markets through keyword strategy, web presence optimization, best practices and analysis.

Having a clearly defined local SEO strategy for multiple locations is what we do best. We excel when working with customers who have specialized businesses that offer products and services locally or nationally. This includes B2B companiesequipment rental companies and service businesses.

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