Some web companies make a limited effort in training their customers because they will make money off of support requests in the future.  Also, some web designers still do not install a content management system and make their customers pay to update their website.  This is a short-sighted approach.  If the customer has trouble updating their own website, they will be less inclined to do so.  They are even less likely to update their website if they have to call their web company and pay them for support.  When we need to bill less than an hour to help out with website support everyone loses.  The customer feels nickel and dimed, and we don’t want to stop what we are doing for 15 minutes worth of support.

If the website development customer is trained properly they are more likely to update their website, and refer your services to others.  When the website is updated more frequently it usually becomes more popular, and the company is more successful.  Instead of calling you for help updating the website, the company will be calling you to add new functionality, build another website, or start on another project.  This type of work is far more profitable for both parties.

WordPress Training Video: How to add photos, PDF’s and MP3’s

We are sharing this video because we want to show you the level of service we provide for our customers. For larger websites we like to create a library of training videos so that they can refer back to them when needed.

  • Charlie
  • Charlie | Digital Marketing Consultant, Founder

    Charlie is our resident expert. Beginning his career as a web developer, Charlie’s interests turned to search engines when he realized a site was only as good as the results it produces, and without traffic, there are no results. Through working with both local and national businesses to increase their traffic and leads, Charlie established the framework for a proven and effective web marketing system. By forming partnerships and founding Boom Visibility, Charlie has been able to refine his system and allow for a larger audience to take advantage of it.

    Charlie lives in Media with his wife Natalie. When he is not behind his computer, his free time is spent playing golf and basketball. If you see him at a Phillies game or down the shore, say “hi.” Being passionate about his field he’s always happy to chat on the latest developments and new ideas in online marketing.

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