For sites over 10 pages it is usually beneficial to add some sort of search feature to your website.  For websites using a database this feature is usually built in, but for HTML sites like you will have to find a third party search feature like Google site search to crawl your pages and display search results.   This feature is free if you are willing to have PPC advertising displayed next to your results, or you can subscribe for ad free site search for $100 per year.
With Google site search you are able to track queries in your search box using google analytics.  I just recently added site search to my website and I am curious to see what users are looking for.  I hope by looking back through the searches I can determine what I have that is hard to find via the main navigation.  These queries should also give me some good ideas on what people are looking for that I don’t have.  Seems to me like a great resource for coming up with new content ideas.
While good in theory I have not seen it in action.  Has anyone else had any success stories with adding site search to their site?  Any failures?

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