So as the Yahoo, Bing merger approaches I have been trying to keep up with my local listings on  Unfortunately this service is awful.  In my first experience I was able to verify a listing by phone and then it was pending review for 6 months.  I contacted support and they put it through but what a pain.
Now there is no option for phone verification.  I have supposedly had a letter sent to my address, but it has been a month and nothing.  Also requested a letter for a few of my clients and letters never arrived.
I like to link local listings on my websites so customers can easily find the business listings to write reviews.  This is easy with the link button on Google Places, but there is no link button for bing.  The URLS have ampersands “&” which need to be changed before you can use them in HTML.
I have yet to find a reporting feature on Bing Local Listing center.  Google places shows me how many impressions, clicks, and actions (website visits) my listings have.  To my knowledge Bing does not offer this feature.
Bing Local needs to get it sh*t together if they want me to take time to update my client’s listings on their site.

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