No one expects you to post unique content to Facebook, Twitter and your blog.  It is hard enough to come up with content for one of these.  The best way to use them is together.  You will often see all social media sources listed together on a website like below.

Some people will subscribe to blogs, some prefer Facebook and others Twitter.  Be posting the same content to all three you will save a ton of time, and very few people will follow you on more than one of these news sources.  To make this easier sign up for a services like Hootsuite.  This is a website where you will plugin your login information for your blog, your Twitter and your Facebook.  You can then post new information, schedule future posts, and monitor activity from a single dashboard.
Once you are setup you will want to start posting as often as possible, just remember that your success depends on the quality of the information you post.  If your posts are worth reading users will be inclined to follow you on these sources and suggest them to friends.  The ideas for posts on your blog are the same as Facebook, but you can be much more detailed.

  • Links to helpful tips or information about your industry
  • Discounts or specials available at your business
  • Interesting pages on your website
  • Upcoming events in your industry or sponsored by your business
  • Non-profit donations
  • New Projects you are working on or completed
  • New photo galleries or videos

A standard practice is to write the full post on your blog, then post the link to the blog post on Twitter and Facebook.

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