When I first started out I had a difficult time choosing a name for my business.  I ended up going with Css Online because I liked the way it sounded, but after operating under that name for over a year I became aware that there were a few things wrong with it.
First off there was not a good available domain name.  The person holding CssOnline.com wanted 11,000 dollars for it, and that just was not going to happen.  I went with the domain css3online.com which I thought was close enough.  The problem was that people would never remember the domain name unless it was in front of them on my business card.  Search available Domain Names.
The other issue was search engine ranking.  The most important set of keywords for a business is the actual business name.  When people are considering doing business with you they often Google the name of the business to find more information.  If you are nowhere to be found on that search they usually don’t think much of your business.  Especially if your business claims to be good at search engine rankings.
So when you are thinking of a name for your business first make sure there is a domain name available that will be easy to remember for your customers.  Also, do a Google search for your potential name.  If you see a list of well established sites for your name it might take years to overtake them.  You are probably better served by thinking of a new name.
Css Online was problematic because “CSS” is a coding language used on almost all websites.  There were countless tutorial sites that ranked ahead of me for the words “Css” and “Online.”  I went with Web SBZ because “Web” is a part of several keywords that are relevant to my line of work and SBZ is a set of letters that are never used together in the English language.  This gave the name uniqueness that helps it rank in search engines.  FYI, SBZ stands for “Small Business.”
So when your thinking of a name for your new business I recommend making one word relevant to your product or service because this will help your rankings for keywords containing that term.  Make the other word something unique enough so that your site will pop up on the first page of Google for your business name.  Oh yeah, and once you’ve decided on a name give me a call so I can set you up with a website.

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