After editing your Google Maps profile, there are several other directories that can give the website some visitors.  Each website has its own method of adding or claiming your company profile.  The best practice is to search for your business name and location and click on your profile.  Look for a link on the profile page to claim the listing.

  • – Centered on reviews for local businesses.  Somewhat restaurant focused but also is used for other local businesses.  You must be able to answer the company phone number to verify that you own the business
  • – Yahoo pages appear frequently in search engine results.  Searchers see the yahoo directory page in a Google search and then look through the directory.
  • – Still nowhere near what Google Places is but a lot of people use Bing because it comes standard on their computers.

Other important directories include:

All of these directories offer a free listing if you look hard enough, and many will call you up sell to their paid advertising packages.  I have not had any success with these upgraded packages.  If you are going to spend $50 per month you would get better results putting that towards Pay Per Click Advertising that sends searchers directly to your website.

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