“So everyone knows go daddy, and they have really cheap domain names and stuff.  Plus I am very comfortable using their site to change name servers and set up email or domain forwarding.  What I hate is that I can’t send a client to buy a domain name for themselves with out worrying about them purchasing a bunch of products and services they don’t need.  Also if you have ever tried to let an unwanted domain name expire they email you millions of times to let you know it is expiring.
So I want to switch from GoDaddy to another domain name provider.  There are a whole bunch of sites that I know offer domains but has anyone found one that is really good, cheap, and not as annoying as GoDaddy?”
I wrote that post about 6 months ago and I think I found the answer.  I signed up to be a Godaddy Reseller.  I knocked a bit off the suggested retail for economy hosting and I turned off a lot of the products that no one needs.  GoDaddy said that I will be able to turn off the email reminders for expiring domains but I have not figured it out just yet.

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