Before you start researching which keywords are the best it is a good idea to generate a big list of keyword ideas to start from.  What keywords might searchers type in to find your product or service?  Make a blank spreadsheet in Google Docs and begin brainstorming some searches your potential customers might use to find you. Its very important that you don’t just ask yourself.  Getting a variety of opinions on this is important because not all of your potential customers will think like you.
Good places to look for keyword ideas include:

  • Google Analytics or other website reports.  See what people are currently typing in to find your website.
  • Employees and Customers.  A casual conversation may lead to some keywords that are not on your list.
  • Competitor’s websites.  Take a look at your competition for ideas.
  • Social Media.  Ask your Facebook friends, your Twitter followers, or your LinkedIn Connections how they would search for your product or service.
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