Creating a good landing page is very rarely enough rank for a competitive search.  You need links pointing to this page that reinforce the keywords you are targeting.  This starts with links within your site.  After creating a landing page, look for other pages on your website that are related.  For example if you have a page that lists all of the nearby towns that you serve, put links to your town specific landing pages.  For informational landing pages you may mention the topic of your landing page on other pages of your site.  Add links on those pages to your landing page.

Social Media is another place to link your landing pages.  Its a good habit to post on Twitter and Facebook each time you add a new landing page to your website and you can use your target keywords in these posts.

The rest of the web is the best place to give your landing pages credibility.  If your landing page provides useful information, you may be able to find blogs or forums that are talking about the keywords in your landing page.  LinkedIn and Twitter conversations also will work.  You can contribute to this conversation and add a link to your landing page.

The other option is to link your landing page in online directories and article sites.  In the descriptions you submit to these site you can link your landing pages.  Some places that allow you to link internal pages of your website are:

The best way to link you landing page is to use anchor text with target keywords, so a link like “web design,” is better than a link like “for information on web design, click here.”

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