Update 10-11-2010: Ive been mayor of Havertown for a few weeks now and I had 4 visits from 3 different visitors for my site.  No calls or contact forms completed from the group.  This is a step up from the zero visitors I receive regularly from my free profile, but nothing spectacular.  Id would be interested to see if anyone had more success with a larger town.
Update 9-20-2010: I was named the “Mayor of Havertown” almost immediately after I got the neccesary connections.  The first blast email with Web SBZ listed as the mayor went out today at 2:30.  We will see if I get any traffic from it.
Original Post 9-13-2010: I get a newsletter from Merchant Circle every week that announces “Who the Mayor of Havertown” is.  This is the person who has the most “connections” in your home town.  The leader in Havertown only has 4 connections so just for fun I decided to go get myself a few more connections.  Its kinda cheating for me because I have access to a bunch of Merchant Circle accounts for local businesses but if I can get to the top of list emailed to local business owners in Havertown it could bring in some new business.
I started with 2 connections.  Now I have 6.  This should bump me to the top of the list.  I didn’t get any traffic from my Merchant Circle Profile in the past 30 days so Ill will see what happens.
I find it somewhat questionable that Merchant Circle automatically connects your business with AllState Insurance.  Also auto businesses appear to automatically connect with Jiffy Lube.  I have a hard time thinking these connections are worth anything if they are given out with out your permission to Merchant Circle affiliates.

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