We get tired of people thinking that the words “Social Media” are synonymous with Twitter and Facebook.  Social media is any form of media that allows users to interact with it and the blog is what started it all.  Twitter and Facebook are designed for short snippets of information that link to more substantial content.  The blog is where you can write extensively and users can post comments with your approval at the bottom.  The concept of blogging can be intimidating, but all a blog is a list of articles organized into categories.  You don’t have to be a professional writer to have a successful blog.
Many websites have the ability to make an additional page on your website as a blog.  If you do not have this option then there are free services where you can set up a blog for free.

Blog information can be exported from one format to another, so if you want to try blogging on one of the services above you can export the data and add it to a blog on your own website later.

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