Before you get started I would suggest reading this article on Facebook features and how to use them.  Many people will set up a profile or group in the name of a business instead of a page.  This article explains the difference between a Facebook Profile, Group, Page, Event, and Place.  Facebook 101.
Facebook right columnTo set up a Facebook page you must have a personal Facebook Profile.  You will be able to assign other Facebook users as “administrators”, so you can have other people work on the page without giving out your Facebook login info.  To create a Facebook page click the “more” option on the right column and click the option “ads and pages.”  Click “create a page” in the top right and name your page as the business name.
Before you go telling everyone to “like” your page you should fill it up with some information.  Go to the “info” tab and add in your phone number, website address, hours, and a description about your business.  It is great to include keywords in your business description, but it is more important to make this description fun and engaging than other content you might post on the web.
People hate reading, so you will want to add some pictures.  Your logo should be your primary picture, but you should also upload pictures of your building, your employees, projects that you have worked on and anything else that is relevant to the business.
You should also fill up your wall with posts before you invite friends to the page.  You will have to be a little more creative than “We are now on Facebook.”  Some ideas for Facebook posts are:

  • Links to helpful tips or information about your industry
  • Discounts or specials available at your business
  • Interesting pages on your website
  • Upcoming events in your industry or sponsored by your business
  • Non-profit donations
  • New Projects you are working on or completed
  • New photo galleries or videos

Now that your page is filled with content you can click on “Suggest Page” button and check off your friends that might be interested.  Email the page URL to employees and other contacts who might be interested in promoting your page and inviting their friends.

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