I have been told the proper code for a link in HTML is as follows…. <a href=”example.com” title=”Visit Example.com”>Visit Example.com</a>
I was never in the habit of adding a title=”link destination description here” but I see in a lot of other code.  Can anyone tell me if there is any significance to the search engines in these tags? Also, I am not sure what the purpose of this tag is.  the description of the link would go in the anchor text, or the alt text of the image.
I found one article useful so far. The comments concluded that this was not important in SEO but important in telling the web visitor where the link goes.  Apparently the tag appears when the link is moused over.

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2 thoughts on “Title Tags for Web Links: Are they important?

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    This is not called anchor text. The title tag is different. I know that anchor text is very important in SEO.


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