In December I came across a bulk listing service called Universal Business  For $30 per year they promise to list your business in hundreds of directories.  What is nice is that you can log in to your account and change your business information and descriptions and then UBL will go out and update all of the listings for you.
It has been more than 2 months since I signed up for one of my websites and I have not received a single inbound link.  I know many of these directories take time so I am not ready to write them off just yet but one would think if they were listing my business in all these directories at least one would have given me a link by now.
Has anyone used UBL?  Any information would be appreciated.

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4 thoughts on “Whats the Deal with Universal Business Listings?

  1. Cliff

    I’m with you on that. It has been a month since I signed up and not one link. Is it a SCAM?
    I figured I would try it since it would save me a lot of time – in theory.

  2. Charlie Strickler

    Hey Cliff, I can’t believe you found this blog, I am still working on it and started putting in some content.
    I signed up for it in December and I still have not seen any incoming links. Let me know if you find out anything else.


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