Traditional Advertising is in your face.  Whether its TV commercials,  gigantic billboards, telemarketers, magazines ads, or many others, they are trying to take your attention away from what you are trying to do.  When you’re watching TV, you’re not watching because you’re shopping for car insurance, but the Geico Gecko and Flo from Progressive are going to sell you on it.
What is different about Ad-words is that the ads that appear are only for what you are searching.  It is in a company’s best interest to advertise for keywords that will result in a purchase.  Even for advertisements in the content network they are at least relevant to what you are looking at.  Check out Google Restrictions for what you can put in an ad-words ads.  They restrict excessive CAPITALIZATION o r  o t h e r  t r i c k s  l i k e  t h i s  that will draw the eye of the searcher.
Ad-words is also great for a small business.  Only large companies can afford to optimize pages to appear organically for major search terms.  Ad-words allows for Geo-targeting so that an ad will only appear on searches within a specified radius of your business.  This way small businesses can get visitors that live locally and are interested in their services from broad search terms.  The price point is also favorable to small business.  There is no set-up cost and you specify your own budget even if it is only a few dollars per day.
The next time you search Google don’t be afraid of the right column.  Its Ok.  You’re supporting the least invasive, fair, and efficient form of advertising ever.

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2 thoughts on “Why Ad-words are the best form of Advertising

  1. Shane Couturier

    I recently spoke with a representative of an online marketing company. I was informed that only 20% of all google users ever click on the adwords. How could it be a viable marketing or advertising method to touch a small percentage of a short attention span market?

  2. Alex

    I think you make a pretty valid point here chuck… why don’t you do a follow up post (possibly with some screen shots?) to really show an example of the point you’re trying to make.


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