Google will suggest hundreds of keywords for your business.  The more keywords you have the better chance you will spend your daily budget.  We recommend keeping it simple.  Choose only 5 or 10 of your most popular keywords.  If your keywords fall into different categories, for example buying a home vs selling a home, create separate ads for each category.
Negative keywords are important for broad match keywords.  Negative keywords will disqualify your ad for any search queries containing the negative keyword.  Popular negative keywords for almost any business are “free” and “cheap.”  So if we are advertising for “online marketing” your ad would not appear under the search term “cheap online marketing”.  The best way to find negative keywords is to look at your keywords in Google analytics several months after the ad-words campaign has started.  By browsing through all of the searches that have clicked through to your site you can pick out undesirable keywords and add them to your negative list.

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