There is no substitute for a professionally produced video.  A really quality video commercial for your business can be highlighted on your website and used for TV advertising.  Our friends at Walking Whale have helped us produce a few amazing videos, but in many cases a professionally developed video is not in the budget, and it is not necessary to give your business a presence on YouTube.
CamStudio provides free screen cast recording.  After installing the software you can press record and make a video of any task that is completed on your computer.  This software does not allow you to edit the video but if your computer came with Windows Movie Maker, or other video editing software, you can add captions, and cut out unnecessary parts of the video.
Some good examples of screencast videos include:

  • How to find a job on LinkedIn created by a career coach
  • How to check on your tax refund by an Accountant
  • How you use our pet portal by a Veterinary Hospital

Another easy option for making videos is making a slide show.  If you have Powerpoint you can put together a slide show with captions and “Save As” .wmv which is a video format.
Some good ideas for slide show videos include:

  • A virtual tour of your facility
  • Show different stages of a repair or product process
  • An existing sales presentation

Videos are more engaging to users and appear in searches on Google as well as searches on YouTube.  Making a video for your business is a lot easier than your think.

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