You are able to set up an ad-words account without entering your billing information so feel free to try setting up an account on your own.  While setting up your first campaign take note of the options and features in these sections.

  • Locations and Languages – click the link “Select one or more other locations” and go to the Custom tab.  Enter your business zip code and selected a mile radius where you want your ads to appear.
  • Networks and Devices – change the radio button for networks from “All available sites” to “let me choose”, then un-check the box for the “display network”.  The display network means your ad will appear on websites where your keywords appear.  By un-checking this option you will only be advertising on Google Searches.  If you want to advertise on the display network, set up a new campaign and only select the display network.  That way you can compare and contrast the performance of the display network vs. Google Search.
  • Bidding and Budget – If your goal is to spend $100 per month then specify a daily budget of $5.  You will not spend your full budget each day so it can be hard to predict how much your monthly spending will be.  After setting your budget check back in a month, then again in 3 months to increase or decrease your daily budget.
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