Microsoft AdcenterRecently we had a client who’s Bing PPC monthly advertising budget was being depleted during the first few days of the month. The client had been using a small monthly budget on Bing since the beginning of 2011. What had happened was that during the year Bing had completed their search integration with Yahoo. This increase in search queries and the advertising competition that came along with it had made their monthly budget too small. What before would easily cover a month was now being blown through in a single day.
The solution was quite simple, adjust the Bing advertising budget from monthly to daily. Luckily one of the other changes Microsoft brought to Bing last year was a simplified budgeting system. This was also another factor in why the monthly budget was no longer lasting the whole month. When the changes were rolled out in mid 2011 the daily budget became the new default and monthly budgets could no longer be divided evenly across the month.
To set a daily budget in the Microsoft adCenter you must navigate to your ad campaign. Once on the campaign you will see a link titled “Edit your campaign settings” on the line below the campaign’s title.

Your choices are either a daily or monthly and for daily budgets either standard or accelerated.

Monthly budgets are really only a good choice for those with a very large budget.  Google has fine tuned its spending to spread even the smallest budgets out over the course of the month.  Bing has not perfected this for smaller budgets. That leaves us with a daily budget and we selected standard which evenly distributes the spending so the ad is seen throughout the day.

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