Writing Facebook ads is much different than other advertisements.  Advertisers are pushing the limits of what is relevant to their business.  The other day I saw a “click like if you like Dexter”.  I was thinking this would be a Dexter page, maybe a Showtime page, but I discovered it was an Xfinity ad.  Xfinity is our local cable company in case you are not from the area.  We don’t recommend making your ad completely irrelevant to your business, but our goal is not to convert this person into a customer with the ad.  Our goal is to get the person to like our page, then we can tell them more about what we do over time with updates.  Here are some ads that failed and some that did well.



Clicked 1 / 100,000 Impressions

Clicked 1 / 2,000 Impressions

Facebook defaults to your page’s logo when you create your first ad. For people who are just learning this often seems like a good idea, but we have never seen a successful ad that uses the company logo.

Clicked 1 / 100,000 Impressions

Clicked 1 / 1,500 Impressions

What a difference the ad text can make. We get tired of writing “click like if” but it seems to be the only thing that works.

Clicked 1 / 20,000 Impressions

Clicked 1 / 1,000 Impressions

I thought The Wedding Singer was just as good as Old School, but apparently the Wedding singer in Old School is more recognizable. This ad demonstrates trial and error when running a Facebook Ad Campaign. Sometimes quirky ads hit home, and sometimes they flop.

Clicked 1 / 50,000 Impressions

Clicked 1 / 30,000 Impressions

This last one did not perform very well, but we wanted to show an example of optimization. If you can find an image that works, varying your ad text can drastically improve its performance.

Have fun creating your improved Facebook ads. Thanks to Brandywine Valley Talent and Rick’s Auto Detailing for letting us use their ads as examples.
If you have examples of your own post them on our Facebook page and we will consider adding them to this post.

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One thought on “Examples of Effective and Ineffective Facebook Ads

  1. Steven Foust

    There’s no doubt that social media has changed the face of internet marketing. While search-engine marketing helps with sales by driving traffic that’s actively searching for a solution to a problem, social media provides more long-term results. By advertising on sites that people use on a daily basis, you develop an impression of your brand. Since these kinds of sites are of a more personal nature, your ads create a feeling of a more personal involvement. An average Facebook user might not necessarily be looking for business-to-business marketing services when they see your ad, but when they are looking for it your brand will be instilled in their memory and they’re much more likely to come to you to meet their needs.


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