A page on a website specifically created on a website to rank for certain keywords is called a landing page.  Landing pages are needed to continue to target new keywords.  The best landing pages are integrated into your website without anyone knowing it is a landing page.  In Class 1 and Class 2 we turned all the important pages on our website into landing pages, but to continue to grow your web traffic you will need to create more.  To create a landing page choose 1-5 keywords to focus on in the page, and write content containing these words.  Also use these words in the title and description tag of the page.
Landing pages in Local SEO are often used to target surrounding town names.

  • Landing Page for Auto Body Broomall – I doubt this information is all that helpful to Broomall Residents, but it doesn’t look out of place and ranks well if you Google “autobody broomall pa”
  • Landing Page for Auto Detailing on the Main Line – By creating a blog post about receiving an award for Best of the Main Line we were able to rank well if you Google “Auto Detailing on the Main Line”.
  • Landing Page for Web Design Ardmore – By copying the web design page into 5 different landing pages for different town names we were able to rank well for “web design ardmore”

Landing Pages for websites with a national appeal are often created to appear for informational topics.

  • Landing Page for Creative Job Application Ideas – This would be a better article for a career coach, or someone looking to hire but it brings attention to my old website.
  • Landing Page for Family Conversation Starters – A great landing page that provides answers to this question, while also bringing the websites target audience to the website.

Note: Landing pages must be linked within your website.  Find a way to incorporate them in your website navigation or the search engines will never find them. Additionally, if you have more than one location, consider creating separate landing pages for each location to maximize your SEO for multiple locations.

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