Easily track the source of your phone leads with CallRail.

CallRail LogoEven when you ask your new lead, “how did you hear about us?” the answers are often vague.  “I found you online,” “I found you on Google,” and “I don’t remember,” are common answers.  It’s rare that they will tell you what keyword they typed in to find your business, and in most cases they are unaware if they clicked on a paid ad or an organic result. If you are paying for advertising, you need to know which sources are resulting in actual leads. 

One company called CallRail uses a system to assign specific phone numbers to each website visitor, and then if they place a call their source is recorded. See an example report below:
Call Rail Sample

How Does it Work?

When you sign up for CallRail, you’ll instantly be able to set up a tracking phone number that forwards to your main phone number. Choose from local and toll-free phone numbers. Then you need to update some javascript on your website (or let your website company handle that).

Once that’s done, your customer will see a different phone number on your website. They will call that tracking number and the call will forward directly to your main phone line so that you can answer it just like any other call. Then all your statistics can easily be accessed in real-time from your CallRail dashboard.

But, Isn’t Having Multiple Phone Numbers Bad?

Some people have had concerns in the past about having additional phone numbers, but it is less of a concern than you might think.  If you ever cancel CallRail they allow you to port your numbers to any other provider.
Then there’s the issue of having multiple phone numbers. We’re always stressing the importance of NAP (name, address, phone number) consistency to our clients because it’s a big factor for local SEO. If you have 5 phone numbers floating around for your business, you’ll end up with duplicate directory listings and a giant mess. Luckily, CallRail uses dynamic number insertion (DNI) to accomplish the number swap on your website, which essentially means search engines will still be able to recognize your primary phone number. They do this without serving phone numbers in a way that would jeopardize your NAP consistency.


Ready to Start Tracking Your Leads?

If you are looking for more clarity in your online leads, ask us about setting up CallRail for your website. The process is quick and easy and generally costs less than $50 per month.
When our clients use CallRail, we are able to get a better idea of what is bringing in the most leads. Here at Boom Visibility, we use this additional information to make better decisions with your online dollars.

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