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Your Cheap WordPress Hosting Costs More Than You Think!

November 9, 2017

With so many hosting options for your website, you can easily get overwhelmed and choose something more out of convenience or low price rather than quality. Bargain hosting is usually bargain hosting for a reason. Security issues, slow performance, poor technical support, and a lack of features are all common complaints of bargain hosting. If you pay for Google AdWords or other digital marketing ads, then just a few visitors…

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Action Required

How to Keep Your Site Safe and Secure

March 20, 2017

As cyber attacks have increased in the last few years, the internet has become more complicated than ever. There are no easy solutions to keeping your website secure, but there are plenty of things you can do to minimize common problems. 1. Stay involved If you receive a lot of emails about your domain name and your hosting account, it can be very tempting to delete those emails without reading…

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Beware of Scam Domain Listing Invoices

November 27, 2016

Take a Closer Look There are several companies that run similar website scams that have deceived many people; most scam statements follow a particular format. Check out some examples we have seen. Domain Listings MainStreet Web Pros Internet Domain Name Services Read the Fine Print If the format looks authentic, focus on the verbiage. Often, these forms use similar phrases. Look out for the following claims: “This website listing offer…

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