10 Jul 2014

What does a website cost? The 6 most important factors that go into pricing a website project

Your business needs a website, but you’re unsure of where to start. You want the site to be affordable, but…

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1 Jul 2014

Why starting a newsletter for your business can be difficult, and what you can do about it

Why newsletters are important When you share a post on Facebook, only a small percentage of those who like your…

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Linkedin Logo
27 May 2014

Why the LinkedIn Ad Platform is Difficult to Use

After setting up LinkedIn ads for several clients we have some feedback for the LinkedIn Ad platform developers.  Here is…

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1 May 2014

A Guide to Pinterest for Small Businesses

When you think of Pinterest you may think of a bunch of twenty-something females saving wedding ideas or hairstyles, but…

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14 Apr 2014

Claiming a LinkedIn Business Page (When It's Already Managed)

We’ve dealt with all kinds of password follies and account problems, but we never realized just how difficult the problem…

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13 Aug 2013

How to Find Your Business Facebook Page

It might seem like a silly question but do you know how to find your business’s Facebook page? If you…

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27 Jun 2013

Best Stock Photo Sites

When it comes to stock photos, there’s a wealth of images floating around, but it’s never easy to choose the…

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27 Feb 2013

Outsmarting a Hacker: Password Pitfalls and Protection

We’ve all been guilty of it— creating a password that’s easy to remember and using it for multiple sites. How…

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1 Sep 2012

Examples of Effective and Ineffective Facebook Ads

Writing Facebook ads is much different than other advertisements.  Advertisers are pushing the limits of what is relevant to their…

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Empty Party
15 Aug 2012

How to get more Facebook Fans

Advertise. We are in the middle of a Facebook advertising campaign that has brought us a bunch of great fans…

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Facebook Ad
9 Aug 2012

How to set up a basic Facebook Ad campaign

Setting up Facebook ads is far different from creating ads on Search engines.  Think of the difference between a person…

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Manta Profile
17 Apr 2012

How to fill out your free Manta Profile

With tens of millions of business profiles Manta is one of the largest business information websites on the internet. Creating…

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