Empty Party
15 Aug 2012

How to get more Facebook Fans

Advertise. We are in the middle of a Facebook advertising campaign that has brought us a bunch of great fans…

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Facebook Ad
9 Aug 2012

How to set up a basic Facebook Ad campaign

Setting up Facebook ads is far different from creating ads on Search engines.  Think of the difference between a person…

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Manta Profile
17 Apr 2012

How to fill out your free Manta Profile

With tens of millions of business profiles Manta is one of the largest business information websites on the internet. Creating…

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25 Mar 2012

Why website training is important for web developers and customers

Some web companies make a limited effort in training their customers because they will make money off of support requests…

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22 Mar 2012

Why is my Microsoft Adcenter Budget being spent on the first day of the month?

Recently we had a client who’s Bing PPC monthly advertising budget was being depleted during the first few days of…

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19 Feb 2012

Building a custom Facebook tab hosted on your secure server 2012

UPDATE: We resized our pages from 520px to 810px to fit the current style of Facebook. This tutorial will teach…

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13 Feb 2012

Why we don't like the Yelp review filter

For restaurants and products there is rarely a shortage of reviews, good and bad.  The average restaurant has far more reviews than the average…

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5 Feb 2012

Why are all of my Yelp Reviews Filtered?

One of our customers has been encouraging his customers to write reviews.  We had the idea to link his local…

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29 Jan 2012

Link Building Ideas – A few ideas that have worked for us

I have found that I can go looking for directory links and submit comments all day long, but my best…

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20 Jan 2012

Custom Facebook Tabs – Making Iframed welcome page using Heroku – 2012

Updated 8/9/12: Since the timeline change the width of the template expanded to 810px I had the following needs for…

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8 Jan 2012

How much do websites cost? Websites that don’t cost a ton of money

As much as designers hate it, we often use templates for low cost websites.  Getting a jump start on both…

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5 Dec 2011

Latest Project – Non Profit Website Design

We provided a custom designed WordPress website for Arlington Cursillo in Virginia.  We are really happy with the way the…

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