19 Jan 2011

Video Production from Walking Whale

We recently started working with Walking Whale Video Production.  We have noticed that people are more likely to watch a…

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19 Jan 2011

Our Computer Repair friends at Voonder Technology Guidence

Web SBZ has recently been helping with some SEO for our friends at Voonder Technology Guidance.  They are a computer…

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20 Dec 2010

Adding Google Site Search to your website and your analytics

For sites over 10 pages it is usually beneficial to add some sort of search feature to your website.  For…

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10 Nov 2010

How to find Negative Keywords for your site

I have a few Pay per click campaigns that I manage and I decided to try to pick out some…

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13 Sep 2010

Merchant Circle Connections: Are they worth anything?

Update 10-11-2010: Ive been mayor of Havertown for a few weeks now and I had 4 visits from 3 different…

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30 Aug 2010

Service Magic and CitySearch working together…fake reviews?

CityGrid Media now owns CitySearch.com, InsiderPages.com, MerchantCircle.com and a variety of other local search sites including ServiceMagic.com.  I recently signed…

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23 Aug 2010

Title Tags for Web Links: Are they important?

I have been told the proper code for a link in HTML is as follows…. <a href=”example.com” title=”Visit Example.com”>Visit Example.com</a>…

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1 Aug 2010

Bing Local Listing Center – WTF?

So as the Yahoo, Bing merger approaches I have been trying to keep up with my local listings on Bing.com. …

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29 Jul 2010

Basic Content Management System – Pagelime.com

When a potential client asks if they are able to update content on their website they are usually hesitant to…

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24 Jun 2010

Choosing a good business name…and why I had to change mine.

When I first started out I had a difficult time choosing a name for my business.  I ended up going…

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14 Jun 2010

Creative Job Application Ideas

I recently had someone contact me about applying for a job with my company.  The catch was he emailed me…

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4 Jun 2010

Why Ad-words are the best form of Advertising

Traditional Advertising is in your face.  Whether its TV commercials,  gigantic billboards, telemarketers, magazines ads, or many others, they are…

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